Crack Cloud Release 'The Next Fix' Music Video

Crack Cloud continue to release quality media. Nothing fails to stick at the target. Fearless in their approach but also exposing themselves to a vulnerability that pays off every time. Their newest piece is the music video for unreleased track, ‘The Next Fix’. Taking their artpunk sensibilities and willingness to explore, they’ve merged their angular music with hip hop. The lyrics are recited in an anxious ramble exposing common sentiments inherent with modern life.

No one likes you.
You can only almost get ahead.
Everything is out of reach.

You are ambivalent to all of this.
All of it is your own fault.
Your guilt is deserved.

The video explicitly deals with the function of drug use and loss. It is a tribute to those that have died and those that still use while being disregarded and demonized by a so-called functioning world. I’ve not seen a more apt (or more beautiful representation) of such a misrepresented topic. Closing the track is the distorted lament of “I Miss Someone” repeated as often as it is scrawled into the pavement of the DTES. Crack Cloud have managed something beautifully poignant with ‘The Next Fix’. Being a worker in the DTES of Vancouver for close to a decade it’s hard to explain how striking and important this feels. As the faces flash across the screen some seem to take the image of those I was blessed to spend time with.

From a statement of one member on social media:
We made The Next Fix to remember the people we've lost to suicide and drug overdose.
This is Part One of the Pain Olympics series, made DIY by the Crack Cloud Collective.
Modelled around harm reduction philosophy, we operate as a rehabilitative outlet for a revolving cast of artists based out of the West Coast and abroad. By providing asylum for the disenfranchised, we advocate for a culture of healing and greater intersectional connectivity.

Crack Cloud are on Deranged Records and have released a 12” record combining both their previously released E.P.’s The video also features Eris from local hardcore punk group, Dust Blaster. We interviewed her earlier this month. You can find that interview linked here.