Some Bootlicker and Chain Whip news AND also Savage Beat, Death Ridge Boys play Vancouver July 15th.


First off, things have been unbelievably slow here with updates and that’s entirely my fault. Fashionism broke up recently and I’ve been reorganizing priorities in order to make Neon Waste something feasible for the amount of time it requires. Bootlicker - Nuclear Family E.P. is STILL at press. Yes it’s delayed. Out of our hands at this point. All we can do is wait but I think it will be worth it. The thing fucking smokes.

Amsterdam Oi unit, Savage Beat will be in Vancouver on July 15th. They’ll be appearing on July 15th and along for the ride are Portland’s finest street rock band, Death Ridge Boys. Between the two of them, they will have a brand new split 7” in tow which you can hear below. Check out that cool cover of ‘Paper Dolls’ by Savage Beat. If you don’t like The Nerves are you even a human being? Do you have a heart? Cool music! Jump in! Locals Chain Whip and Toy Tiger will be opening up. We’ll have some more news about Chain Whip in the next couple of weeks.

Have A Good Laugh Festival was great by most accounts. I stuck close to the matinees at ALF house and caught Generacion Suicida play a scorching mid-afternoon set and watched Sore Points look like they wanted to murder each other. It also ended up being my first show playing guitar in Bootlicker as a second guitarist. Massive shout-out to Cordie and the Thought Decay team for putting that thing together. Next year will be fun too. Cordie’s band Phane is on tour in Europe shortly here and you should check them out if they’re hitting your city especially if you stud your jacket and ram soap into your hair and glue up your nose.

Reviews are almost sorted for an update there. Maybe you’ll find something new to listen to. For me, that Plantasia reissue of Sacred Bones is fantastic and I’ve been revisiting that Jook collection that Sing Sing put out a few years ago. Can’t go wrong. For new stuff, I’m vibing hard on that Savage Death split below so don’t be a goon, come to the show and make a mess of yourself and have some fun.