PREORDER: Chain Whip Exclusive Stream

Photo by Avi Dhillon.

Photo by Avi Dhillon.

Running your own website means you get to make the rules. Here’s one I made up, debuting two Chain Whip tracks for your listening pleasure. We recorded this a couple months ago with Braden Decorby (Haggatha, Night People) and Daniel Husayn (Red Dons) mixed and mastered it at North London Bomb Factory. It is being self released in North America by us on our own imprint, Chain Whip Records.

’On A Rope was written during an awful week full of mental health and escapism. People create their own coping mechanisms and means of survival and sometimes just give up entirely. I’m not morally or ethically opposed to the idea of suicide whatsoever and this is not celebration or a condemnation. Like everyone else on the planet, I’m just trying to sort my own shit out.

Drug use, straight-edge, religion, all of our personal constructed views and values are to some degree a way of altering or making sense of our world. To make it endurable. Often times, I just want some amount of contentment with myself and that’s the best I can hope for. It took awhile to be at peace with that. When you feel surrounded with self-doubt and failure - just finding that fleeting respite gives some amount of hope to weather the chaos when it inevitably arises again.

”Find somewhere to just exist in peace
A place away from every enemy”

On a less serious note or perhaps a more serious note, ‘Don’t Talk To Me’ was written in my head while eavesdropping at parties. Young, self proclaimed “revolutionaries” fresh from reading some Kerouac and Zinn are hitting on barely interested women by talking about how woke they are. Fast-forward six months and all the muttering starts about how they’re a massive creep. I’m still wondering why I’m at this party in the first place when the most that I can come up with is eye-rolling and biting my tongue. Sometimes you look around and see the makeup of your scene and realize how little in common you actually have but maybe that’s just my own bitterness and insecurities speaking. At the end of the day it makes sense why people drop out of subculture when they get a bit older and take up video games or fuckin’ golf.

14 Lashes is Chain Whip’s first LP. It’s hopefully not our last. We think it’s good. Jonah Falco from Career Suicide and Fucked Up had the following to say:

"Like a door opening to an alternate universe where Suburban Mutilation released the most influential hardcore LP of the 80s, and DOA were conveniently disappeared so the melody cum velocity and Richard Nixon-esque gargle of Joey Shithead could be reimagined in the various voids of the Twenty-teens as a tidy new hc punk lp by CHAIN WHIP. Not fast enough to only be brutal, but not modest enough to be anything but pummelling. Full of burly, crunchy, tight corners, this is the musical equivalent of thrifting an Eames chair -- you recognize it a mile away, it's still a classic, and it's just landed in our laps for next to nothing."

Live Dates:

July 15th - Vancouver, BC
Savage Beat, Death Ridge Boys, Chain Whip, Toy Tiger

July 26th - Calgary, Alberta
Chain Whip, Corner Boys, Left Bank
Broken City (19+)

July 27th - Edmonton, Alberta
Chain Whip, Corner Boys, Vector 23
Somewhere in the woods. (all ages)