June 7th, 2019 - Flipper, Lié, Chain Whip, Authorities at Astoria


The Astoria on June 7th was buzzing. I’d been looking forward to this for awhile and was glad that Modified Ghost reached out to co-present. Flipper as discussed elsewhere on this page have always been an important group to me personally and as I had suspected, due to the massive turnout, I wasn’t the only one.
Stockton, California’s Authorities opened, starting with the first track off of their 1982, killed-by-death approved 7”. With at least three members living in Vancouver, having the chance to see them isn’t as rare as one might think and it was a strong offering of classic Californian, melodic punk rock. They played a short set that included all of their classic 7” and a healthy amount of tracks from their Get Hip LP. Vocalist Curt Hall, sounds exactly the same today as he did in 1982. They left a good impression on me personally. Legacy bands. Always carry a little fear. No need this night. Bass player had some serious almost Nu-Metal bass poses but I could ignore it if I tried. Personally if they keep playing legacy creating tracks like “Radiation Masturbation” and they sound as good as they did on this night, I’ll continue watching.

Chain Whip was up next. We were incredible. Brett did a triple backflip and we covered Eruption perfectly. The show felt good and it was nice to scream at people even if they were doing their best impression Romero’s zombies from Dawn of the Dead. Vancouver is full of the dead. Lié were a force as per usual. Screeching sheet-metal guitar harmonics and post-punk influenced beats continue to back that band. I’m looking forward to something new from them. A totally different frustrated musical approach to what we got when they were done. Flipper played for a little over an hour. Each song disintegrating before they started up on another. Fill-in vocalist, David Yow was a drunken, caustic Jesus Christ and the audience was full of degenerates begging to worship. The crowd was feverish in their adoration but it wasn’t about Flipper. This was the church of Yow and it wouldn’t have mattered if it was a puppet show. Even during classic sludge-track, “Sacrifice”, the muttering was more about a Melvins cover than Flipper’s original treatment. Yow was on point, pouncing into the audience and rolling back onto the stage, gyrating against the adoration and then whipping them with the mic cable. The band wasn’t tight, they weren’t sober, they weren’t even confrontational, they were just fucked. A show that was for the love of the decline. A Flipper cut-up. The weirdest moment was an impromptu birthday singalong which was cut short as Yow was yelling something about sucking a dick. I tried to have a quick conversation with Yow afterwards but realized the topless tragedies at the bar fawning at him was going to be a bit too much competition. I went home giggling.
- Josh

Photos by Michael Jurek. We love him very much. Go to a show.