Grave Infestation Tease New Cassette Tape: ‘Infestation of Rotting Death’


Members of Ahna formed a new group last year under the pretense of playing classic, old-school death metal and blew the doors off with their first offering as Grave Infestation. The ‘Infesticide’ demo cassette is an impressive offering of the worst life has to offer. A putrid mix of decay and destruction. In the chaos you can get lost before realizing just how well balanced it is. Banshee-inflected guitar wailling is met with brutish rhythms and guttural dissemination. This may be throw-back death metal in the tradition but it is exceptionally executed with enough identity of it’s own that I’m sure carving a space for themselves is something soon to be accomplished. They already hold the ears of many so hopefully they can continue dropping their brand of rusty razor blades into them. Grave Infestation just released a teaser of a new cassette entitled ‘Infestation of Rotting Death’ to be released June 1st. Currently the first and last track are available for streaming. The first track is quality death metal like you’d expect but both tracks also handle some of that Carpenter-esq, synth-based, instrumental pieces that made 1980’s horror movies so distinguishable. Pre-order the cassette tape directly from the band and don’t miss out on the new wave of old school Vancouver death metal.
FFO: Entombed, Procreation, John Carpenter

Grave Infestation, Fetid and Nightfucker are at the Astoria on Saturday June 11th. Grave Infestation share members with both Starvation and Ahna. We’ll be there.