Autogramm Release Music Video For 'Cool Kids'

Scouring the shelves of your local video mart for the most morbid cassette sleeves was any cool kid’s pleasure. It was the next best thing to sneaking behind the curtain and teasing that you saw someone’s dad lurking in the X-Rated section. Autogramm’s throwback new wave, powerpop, genre-work merges with the grainy technicolor nightmare that is the music video for ‘Cool Kids’, a 5 minute music video directed by Justin Gradin with cinematography by Peter Hagge and written by The Gramm’s own Jiffy Marx. A synopsis for this video would cheapen the charm but here it is anyways: Camp. The Woods. Murder. Sugar Coated Rock ‘n’ Roll. Anyone that spent any time working their way through a mountain of Video Nasties will be instantly nostalgic. Typically, if you actually end up watching those infamous movies you get bitter follow-thru after the promise of skin and wholesale murder. Not so the case with Autogramm’s take on the genre. Enough murder and shots of CC’s legs to make any fan happy. If there is any justice in the world both Roger Corman and Rick Ocasek should get some warm fuzzys. And if not them, here’s hoping you can dig in to what it looks and sounds like when a group of people manage to embrace a bit of fun and decide to share it with you. Something Autogramm will be doing in Europe this Summer. Be sure to check them out.

07/19 - Yoko - Hamburg, DE
07/20 - VEB - Lübeck, DE
07/23 - Kap Tormentoso - Stuttgart, DE
07/24 - Geschichtswerkstatt Altes Volksbad - Mannheim, DE
07/26 - Charlatan Café - Gent, BE
07/27 - The Pipeline - Brighton: Stay Sick Party (w/More Kicks)
07/28 - The Power Pop Weekender - London, UK
08/01 - Zwille - Leipzig, DE
08/02 - Wild At Heart - Berlin, DE
08/03 - Chemiefabrik - Dresden, DE
08/04 - Kult 41 - Bonn, DE

Autogramm rules, we love them. Their LP is fantastic and highly recommended for fans of Cars, Gary Numan’s Cars or American muscle cars.