Andy Human and the Reptoids, Bedwetters Anonymous, Yep and Megamall at Toast Collective


The night started off a little slow with Megamall, a three piece indie-rock band that was missing a bit of salt and pepper. At times I was getting a Cub vibe, then some Pixies takes. I felt the guitar player could have taken a more laid back approach and let the songs breathe a bit. Sounded like he kept on wanting to show his tricks even if it wasn’t really necessary.

But speaking of unnecessary, (or very necessary, I can’t really decide) - up next was this abomination or perhaps genius creation that is Yep. This band is fucked likely because all of the members are far too good at their instruments. They’re made up of synth, bass and drums. The set went from neo-classical to progressive based nonsense and overindulgent jazz. The songs are long - way too long but they are annoyingly captivating. I made the mistake of listening to the band before seeing them and their recorded output does not do it justice. I hated the recordings and turned it off real fast. Live I found it impossible to ignore. I have no idea what’s going on or why they are doing what they are doing but they are having a great time and I’m really glad that I saw it. The saving grace is that there is no ego with them. At various times they were poking fun at themselves and their music. They're the kind of people that probably have nine or ten jokes about time signatures and they probably think they’re all funny. I heard people compare them to both King Crimson and The Offs and I wasn’t in the state of mind to argue about how insane that sounds because I was trying to rattle them out of my brain. Yep rules. Or they’re awful. I don’t know. I don’t know if anyone else knows for sure either. I also don’t think it matters. You should definitely see them live but you might hate it.

Total Punk Records alumni and Oakland darling, Andy Human and the Reptoids was next. I was excited for this. I love the label and pick up anything I can find from em and Andy is no exception to that rule. I was stoked to grab a copy of his new LP, Psychic Sidekick. The Reptoids sound like a band from 1978 Akron Ohio. That first wave frustration mixed with art-scene based rule-disintegration. They plug in too many pedals and bend all the rules. It’s catchy and anxious. Live we were treated to tracks from all three releases. The problem with Toast is that the sound can be a bit troublesome and with as many odd textures to the guitar as there is it can get kind of lost which is a shame considering how cool some of the song writing is. A good first sighting of these aliens. Hopefully they’ll be back before we’ve liquified our planet cause I wanna dance! Best live track tonight was ‘Echo Pedal’. A killer new song of the Total Punk LP which is a mandatory cop.

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Bedwetters Anonymous are likely Vancouver’s best kept secret. The night was dragging on a bit longer than expected so they opted to go last which gave the Reptoids a full set. What we got was a quick and speedy best-of Bedwetters. They took their shoes off and played in their socks which drives me nuts. They did this the first time I saw them too. It’s worse than playing in your bare feet. You’re not Donovan sitting cross-legged on a carpet seducing the audience with trippy acoustic tracks and I don’t even like giving him a pass. Put some fucking shoes on. Aside from being disgusting, they were great which is to be expected. Frantic, quick-paced cartoon songs by cartoon people for a cartoon audience. Tracks ‘Absolute Panic’ and ‘Poverty Porn’ are absolute hits. What else do you want out of a Friday night in East Vancouver? One of the best tickets in Vancouver. For sure.

Pictures for the night were taken by Brett Threats. Pick up Andy Human’s new LP. It’s really great. Thanks to Bedwetters and Toast for putting the show on.