Quiet City #62: Paul Metzger, John Saint-Pelvyn, Fleshtone Aura

Paul Metzger

Paul Metzger

Quiet City descends on Kingsway again this Thursday in three parts. Paul Metzger, multi-instrumentalist from Saint Paul, Minnesota brings his original string compositions to the Toast Collective along with performances by John Saint-Pelvyn and Fleshtone Aura.

Metzger is renowned for his modified banjo, an instrument he found similar to sarod. The additional strings bringing it a few degrees closer to its Indian counterpart and opening the playing field for Metzger to experiment with more unorthodox approaches. Completely self taught, his approach is wide open to discovery in his compositions and seeing his instruments as open as possible. In combining Raga with infinite exploration on homemade instruments, his performances are unique, evocative of the past but also manipulating it, pushing it into the future.

John Saint-Pelvyn, also from Minnesota released A Clerical Error in Shasta County Shouldn't Have to Ruin a Saturday Night, a double ten inch record on labels Seeland and Electro Motive Records in Decemeber of 2018. It is a mixture of noise, drone and folk. Theremin, modified guitar and voice tangle with each other across five tracks breaking into screeching feedback or mournful pronouncements . The affinity for John Fahey and Sandy Bull is apt. A Clerical Error…. is a psychedelic offering of American music’s avant garde.

The sound collage of Fleshtone Aura is the moniker of Andrew Zukerman. Modular synths and tape machines make up his most recent release, Sounds like Zydeco. Musique concrète and sound cut-ups have been the focus of the project which has been in operation since at least 2011. Fleshtone Aura manipulates sound into aural tapestry using an endless supply of stolen music, city noise and the natural world. It’s the radio tuner in your mind backing and forthing in your subconscious or the disjointed reality of your half remembered dreams.

Paul Metzger, John Saint-Pelvyn and Fleshtone Aura perform Thursday April 18th at Toast Collective 648 Kingsway
8PM $10-$15 NOTAFLOF