Laurice releases new LP, "Bad Boy" on Mighty Mouth Records

Laurie Marshall was the focus of a personal high point in my show promoting. A couple years back, Neon Taste (at the time, just a glimmer of the teeny spark that it is now) teamed up with Negative Nights and put together a solo performance for the obscure, yet influential character that is, as we know him now - Laurice. The history of Laurice is long, somewhat unbelievable and worth digging into. From classic glam and obscure proto-punk to disco and jazz, he’s managed to squeeze a lot of music into a long life. At 75, he’s just released his latest record, Bad Boy, a rock record that could be a companion piece to his 2016 LP, Gaydar. There is much of the same devilishly-queer horniness and camp rock’n’roll but where Gaydar was a celebratory, romp entirely about the joy of sex, Bad Boy has him taking aim at current issues as well. The Fentanyl crisis and police brutality both on “Black Beauty” and “Please Mr. Policeman” are two standout tracks. Worthwhile for the tracks mentioned and the incredible cover art - this gets a Waste approval just as every other piece Laurice has put his name on. It’s released as a one-time pressing of 200 hand numbered copies on Mighty Mouth Records. Along with the LP release, you can see him staying busy with his videographer and partner, Larry, making homemade music videos for most of Laurice’s current work and some classics from his varied career. Some people call this Outsider art, a lazy term at it’s best. Laurice is an artist using exactly what is available to him to create and reinvent himself as he has always been doing and joyously releasing it to those that will listen. From when he was Best Canadian Dance Vocalist to creating demos in his home in Kelowna, BC, Laurice is always worth paying attention to.

Written by Josh
When Laurice played in Vancouver, Krimewatch was in town playing a show with Cloaca and Candy under a bridge. Both shows were noteworthy but I always dream about what could have happened if we had combined them. Laurice live events are rare and enjoyable. Follow him on facebook
here and definitely take the time to see him if you are able.