Chain Whip, Bootlicker, Creeping Chill and Cheat


Chain Whip self-released their LP 14 Lashes and Bootlicker have their 3rd 7” out now on Neon Taste. You can find both records for sale in the webstore. Both bands played SBC last week with Edmonton’s Creeping Chill and Chilliwack’s Cheat. We had Avi Dhillon there to take some pics of the occasion. Here are some photos and notes.


Cheat started things off with a short set of juvenile hardcore. They’re a young group featuring members of Nic Fit and have managed to kick-start some semblance of an all ages scene again in the Valley. No easy thing to do and something worth commending them for. They’re also noteworthy for playing classic American hardcore in an area where even playing rock music is passe. Once some of the kinks get ironed out and the songwriting starts to tighten up, we’re going to have a formidable new punk group on our hands. Impressive Void cover at the end of the set which you’ll never hear me complain about.


Creeping Chill, from Edmonton have a demo out that is in the review queue here so I won’t get too into the sound so as to not bore you to tears when you read the review later. I liked the demo cassette and I can say that live you get a better representation of what they have to offer (duh - this is hardcore). I’m happy to see them roll through anytime in the future.


Bootlicker continue to be one of my favorite bands which works out well because now I’m in the band and get to play those songs. They will be on tour in October on the East Coast of the States so make sure you’re keen to the dates as they’re on fire. I’m sitting this one out. The new record, Nuclear Family, is great. I’m really happy to be releasing it on Neon Taste Records.


I’m not sure how many projectiles hit me but I can definitely count the two the hit me square in the face. I’m writing this thru conjunctivitis that I absolutely blame on some cretin that tossed a slobber-coated beer can into my face. I grew up throwing garbage at bands. I can’t say that I’m not a fan of it when it gets thrown at me but I’d prefer that it not make me ill or cause lasting damage. So please - disinfect your trash. We put out ‘14 Lashes’, a full length album that we’re happy with. We released it ourselves and I’m even happier about that. If you managed to come out, thanks. Lots more Neon Taste shows are coming down the pipe soon and more Neon Waste shows are on the horizon. If you’d like to purchase either the Chain Whip LP or the new Bootlicker 7” - please click thru here. Local pickup is available. Alternatively, you can pick a copy up at Neptoon Records, Audiopile Records and Red Cat Records in Vancouver.

Huge thanks to Ken for the killer poster, Patrick for getting the fliers done, Eris for accusing us of staging a fight onstage, SBC for hosting and shirt whipper for starting the newest Vancouver dance craze.